2016-17 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Hobby Box (Pre-Sale)

$114.99 CAD

Ice Premieres Rookie Cards Numbered as Low as 99.

The Second Installment of Exquisite Collection Hockey Cards Are Here.

Plus, grab Awesome Signature Hits from Superstars & Legends too!

Available: April 12th, 2017What's this?
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4 Cards per Pack
6 Packs per Box
10 Boxes per Inner
2 Inners per Case

Product Highlights

Ice Premieres Rookie Cards Numbered as Low as 99.
o    Look For Ice Premieres Rookie Autographs Numbered as low as 25 And Ice Premieres Rookie Autograph Patches Numbered as Low as 10.
The Second Installment of Exquisite Collection Hockey Cards Are Here.
o    Featuring an Array of Stunning Cards, Including  Autographs of this year’s top Rookies
NEW! Look For The New Magnificent Sub Zero Insert.
o    Featuring Top Talent in The NHL on a Holographic Acetate Surface, Making This Set Within a Set a Force to be Reckoned With.
Look for 4 Awesome Memorabilia Inserts All Including Red Parallels.
o    Featuring Frozen Foursomes With 4 Swatches from 4 Different NHL Stars.
Back by Popular Demand, Ice Champions Makes its Return With a Cool Die-Cut Design Falling 1 in Every 80 Packs.
         Find Autographs From Your Favorite Active Players and Retired Legends in Rinkside Signings and Glacial Graphs.

Box Break

1 Hard-Signed Autograph Card – 1 Memorabilia or Exquisite Collection Card – 2 of The Highly Sought After Ice Premieres Rookie Cards – 1 New Sub Zero Card – 1 Additional Chase Card From the Following Inserts: Ice Champions, World Juniors or Ice Premieres

Product Breakdown

Ice Premieres Rookie Cards
o    Ice Premieres – Level 5 – # to 1,299
o    Ice Premieres – Level 4 – # to 999
o    Ice Premieres – Level 3 – # to 499
o    Ice Premieres – Level 2 – # to 249
o    Ice Premieres – Level 1 – # to 99
o    Ice Premieres Autographs – Level 4 – # to 299
o    Ice Premieres Autographs – Level 3 – # to 199
o    Ice Premieres Autographs – Level 2 – # to 99
o    Ice Premieres Autographs – Level 1 – # to 25
o    Ice Premieres Autograph Patch – # to 10

Exquisite Collection Cards – 2016-17 Round 2
o    Exquisite Legends – # to 99
o    Exquisite Signatures – Varied #ing
o    Exquisite Materials Signatures – Varied #ing
o    Exquisite Rookies Tier 1 – # to 299
o    Exquisite Rookies Tier 2 – # to 199
o    Exquisite Rookie Spectrum Parallel – # to Uniform
o    Exquisite Rookies Signatures Tier 1 – # to 225
o    Exquisite Rookies Signatures Tier 2 – # to 125
o    Exquisite Rookies Signatures Spectrum Parallel – # to 15
o    Exquisite Auto Tribute Rookies – # to 25
o    Exquisite Auto Tribute Rookies Parallel – # 1-of-1

Additional Memorabilia Inserts
o    Frozen Foursomes – Inserted 1:151
o    Frozen Foursomes Red //- Varied #ing
o    Frozen Fabrics – Inserted 1:35
o    Frozen Fabrics Red //- # to 20
o    Fresh Threads – Inserted 1:20
o    Fresh Threads Red //- # to 25
o    Rookie Relic Jumbos – # to 199
o    Rookie Relic Jumbos Red //- # to 15

Additional Autographed Inserts
o    Superb Script Tier 1 – # to 49
o    Superb Script Tier 2 – # to 25
o    Superb Script Portraits – # to Varied #ing
o    Glacial Graphs – Inserted 1:45
o    Glacial Graphs Black Parallel- Varied #ing
o    Rinkside Signings – Inserted 1 :56
o    Signature Swatches – Inserted 1:70
o    Signature Swatches Black Parallel- Varied #ing

Chase Cards
o    Sub Zero – Inserted 1:4
o    Ice Champions – Inserted 1:80
o    World Juniors Level 2 – # to 699
o    World Juniors Level 1 – # to 299

Acetate Regular Cards
o    100 Acetate Regular Cards