2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Hobby Box (Pre-Sale)

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All cards will be encased with autographs signed directly on the card

On average, every box guarantees 1 Clearly Authentic Autograph Card

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1 Autographed Card per Pack
1 Pack per Box
20 Boxes per Case

Product Details

o Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball is back by popular demand this season. This year we will be combining clear, acetate card technology with on-­card autographs from the hottest rookies and superstar sensations in Major League Baseball.

o Clearly Authentic will incorporate the base card design from 2018 Topps Baseball, as well as some of the most iconic Topps Baseball cards and designs of all time, into a product offering that delivers 1 autograph per box. All cards will be encased with autographs signed directly on the card.

o On average, every box guarantees 1 Clearly Authentic Autograph Card, and every case guarantees 2 of the following: Clearly Authentic Reprint Autograph, Clearly Authentic 1993 Finest Stars Autograph, and/or a Clearly Legendary Autograph.

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